Today is a good day to visit Coventry Village.

This Theater is Radio Active!

Portable Radio
Radio photo by Roadsidepictures

Savvy movie buffs have learned that the Coventry Village Summer Music & Movies Series is the place to catch FREE outdoor movies on Thursday nights. But did you know you can make your audio experience even better by bringing your portable battery-powered FM radio?

Old fashioned drive-in theaters featured clunky speakers you could hang in your car window. But to get crisp clean sound many theaters were radio active. Visitors could simply tune their car radio station to a specific frequency and listen to the movie through the speakers in their car.

You can do the same at Coventry. Simply tune your radio to 91.7 FM and control the volume right from your picnic blanket!

Why drive to Chardon or North Ridgeville to watch a drive-in movie when Coventry is practically in your backyard? Plus, when you sit outside to watch the movies, no one needs to argue about who gets stuck in the backseat—everyone can have a clear view!

Come down to the Coventry P.E.A.C.E. Park each Thursday night through August 12 for the Coventry Village Summer Music & Movies Series.

Drive In Movie Intermission Ads from the 1960’s

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