Today is a good day to visit Coventry Village.

Cash Mob brings fun, frivolity and business to Coventry’s Big Fun

Gather together a group of people. Ask them to spend $20 apiece (or more). Take them to a locally owned store and watch business boom—while participants have fun and make new friends. That is the idea of a Cash Mob, a social occasion during which shoppers support the local economy.

Last night was Cash Mob’s “Super Thursday,” an evening during which Cash Mobs were held in Austin, Texas; Columbia, South Carolina; and right here at Big Fun on Coventry. At last night’s event over 65 customers spent $1,454, in little more than an hour, at Big Fun. Afterwards they continued the celebration down the street at La Cave Du Vin, thus supporting 2 local businesses in one night.

When speaking of the event, Big Fun owner, Steve Presser, told Sun News reporter, Brian Byrne, “What it does is bring happy people who get it into local businesses who need it. It supports consciousness and awareness throughout the community of the importance of shopping locally. It should be a mantra.”

Great ideas spawn on Lake Erie

Cleveland Attorney, Andrew Samtoy, and Buffalo blogger, Christopher Smith, each came up with the idea of Cash mobs independently as a way to support local businesses in their home towns. Smith’s first event tripled business on August 5th 2011 for Buffalo’s City Wine Merchant. Here in Cleveland, Samtoy’s first Cash Mob generated over $1,500 in business for Tremont’s Visible Voice Books and Bac. Since then Cash Mob’s have been spreading all over the U.S. and beyond. We hope to see that trend continue, here in Cleveland, and elsewhere. And with Andrew Samtoy’s enthusiasm, we expect that is just what will happen.

Big Fun Cash Mob feaured on NewsNet5

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