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Meet Ann Oswald Laird & Robert Laird – Passport To Peru

Passport to Peru  

  1806 Coventry Road
  Cleveland Heights, Ohio 44118

(216) 932-9783 | Facebook | Website

Owners: Ann Oswald Laird & Robert Laird
Established in Coventry Village: 1978
Ann & Robert took over the store: August 2007

Family owned business with 2-3 employees, many of which are family or become a significant part of the family.


Q. Tell us about Passport To Peru. What do you offer? What makes your store unique? 

Ann: Passport To Peru is located in the center of Coventry Village, born on the inspiration of direct trade and fair trade practices before it was the fashionable way to market. Today, we continue the inspiration by honoring the tradition and manifesting a metaphysical perspective to the store with rocks, stones, singing bowls and unique jewelry.

Passport To Peru is an experience of the heart. A place where you are greeted at the door not only by our friendly family but the aroma of incense, not burned but present reminds you of another time and place, the beauty of the vibrant colors and unique clothing take you back to the seventies. The sterling stone jewelry awakes your metaphysical senses and the music of Neil Young, Bob Dylan, Fleetwood Mac and Joni Mitchell all remind you of yesterday.

Q. Share with us a fun memory associated with the store. 

Ann: I remember when I was in my teens I walked into Passport To Peru and I set an intention to one day have a store like this. The Universe has a way in which your dreams can come true.

Q. What do you offer customers that they can’t find in the big box, corporate stores?  

Ann: The products are fair trade, direct trade and unique to this area. Incorporating our other business of spiritual training, Akashic Ascension has manifested an opportunity to share by providing unique metaphysical stones, jewelry, quartz, crystal, singing bowls, banners and pendents to the store.

Q. Give our readers a few unique gifts they can find at Passport To Peru this holiday season.

Ann: African drums, African masks, Alpaca wears, Birkenstocks, Naot’s, Old Gringo Cowboy Boots, Sterling Stone Jewelry from Mexico, Nepal, India are a few of the unique gifts available.

Q. Why is shopping small so important?

Ann: Shopping small is anything but small. The business is the owners expression of what it means to be of service to others. Small business has the advantage point of thinking outside of the box, to reach for the stars, and to generate opportunities to share the wealth with those who they buy from and with those who are their customers. The experience of Passport To Peru allows you to purchase unique gifts that come to you with lots of love, for ALL.


Thanks to Ann & Robert for taking the time to share with us. Be sure to stop by Passport to Peru this holiday season (and throughout the year) for unique gifts with HEART!

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Photos by Suzuran Photography. Copyright Coventry Village Special Improvement District & Suzuran Photography.