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Meet Laura Baxter – La Cave du Vin

La Cave du Vin

  2785 Euclid Hts. Blvd (Basement)
  Cleveland Heights, Ohio 44106

(216) 932-6411 |Website | Facebook | Twitter

Owners: Bill Gresham & Laura Baxter
Opened in Coventry Village: 1995
(Bill took over the bar in 1997, Laura became co-owner in 2000)
# Of Staff: 6 Staffers

Q. Tell us about La Cave du Vin. What do you offer? What makes your location unique?

A. We’ve been serving fine wine, craft beer and spirits since 1995. Our staff is known for being very knowledgeable about the unique products we carry. We have a vast selection of craft beers and wines. Craft beer lovers are always impressed with our cooler selection. In addition to our regular bar service, you can grab a bottle of wine or a selection of beer to go at state minimum prices.

We’re proud to be ranked #25 in the list of best beer bars in the world by La Cave du Vin was also featured in the Top 100 Beer Bars in the United States by Draft Magazine.

Q. Why Coventry? 

A. Coventry has always been a great neighborhood. It attracts a wide variety of people of different ages, backgrounds etc. Plus, our basement space is the perfect setting for a wine cave.

Q. Tell us your story of entrepreneurship?

A. The original owner and creator of the La Cave experience, Ken Bement (whose concept was way ahead of its time), put the business up for sale in 1997. Bill was a customer and friend of the bar, and decided to buy it. He enlisted the help of the staff to run it. I worked for the original owner, and eventually partnered with Bill in 2000.

Q. Share with us a few suggestions for unique holiday gifts from La Cave du Vin.

A. If you’re looking for a place to celebrate, we offer a great space for private events and tastings. Beer and wine always make a great gift (and at state minimum prices that can’t be beat.) If you can’t decide what the wine or beer lover on your list might like, a gift certificate is a great option.

Q. What’s your guilty pleasure?

A. Piccadilly Yogurt on Coventry makes my life better!

Q. Where do you shop local and why is supporting local important?

A. Well, I’ve probably eaten at every restaurant on this street at least a dozen times. We buy the bread for La Cave at the local bakery, On The Rise. Coventry Cats has helped entertain my pets for 2 decades.

When you support local, you get the personalized service that box stores cannot offer. We remember what our repeat customers like and can suggest new products based on their preferences. We have an extremely knowledgeable staff that can find something for almost everyone.


Thanks to Laura for taking the time to share with us. Check back here tomorrow or become a fan of our Facebook page right now.  Each weekday this holiday season, we’re introducing you to the independent business owners that help make Coventry Village a great place to live, work, shop, dine and play.

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