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Meet The Attenson’s – Attenson’s Coventry Antiques & Books

Attenson’s Coventry Antuques & Books   

  1771 Coventry Road
  Cleveland Heights, Ohio 44118

216,321.2515 | Website

Mitchell Attenson, Stuart Attenson, Christina Attenson Molaskey

Established in Coventry Village: 1988
# of Staff: 4

Christina Attenson Molaskey, Stuart Attenson, Rebecca Attenson



Q. Tell us about Attenson’s Antiques & Books. What do you offer? What makes your store unique? 

A. Established in 1965, we are a family-run business. Stuart, Mitchell, Christina or Rebecca Attenson will be happy to see you when you visit our store! We offer a wide variety of vintage, antique & collectible items ranging from books, pottery, porcelain, art-work, furniture, jewelry, vintage clothing and more. Each family member brings their own area of interest to the business, making for one of Cleveland’s most diverse selections.

We are the ultimate recycling store allowing people to enjoy previously owned, beautiful treasures over & over again.

Q. Why Coventry Village? 

A. We were fortunate enough to have found an available space on this beautiful, up-beat, and busy street. The eclectic atmosphere and heavy foot traffic was a definite draw.

Q. Tell us about the estate sale portion of your business!

A. In addition to the shop we also offer Mitchell Attenson Household Liquidations. Mitchell has a degree in Art History from The Ohio State University and has been buying & selling every day for the past 30 years!

We’ve been conducting estate sales since 1975 and have a large following of happy and loyal customers. You can visit the website: to find our estate sales. Our listings are under “Mitchell Attenson.” You’ll find a full description & photos of our current sales. The sales are also advertised in the Sun Newspaper, The Chagrin, Solon & Geauga Times,, Craigslist and on our website. If you’re moving or would like to discuss your estate sale, feel free to give Mitchell a call at 216.402.8367.

Q. Give us a few suggestions for unique gifts holiday shoppers can find at Attenson’s Antiques and Books.

A. We have a huge selection of silver, fine & costume jewelry. We offer unique, one-of a kind items that you will not find in any other store because we buy privately from individuals. Because we do not order our merchandise, it is truly one of a kind. You can come and browse through our two storefronts & 4 show rooms, approximately 2400 square feet, for hours. Perhaps you will find a rare out of print book, an unusual sculpture, a lovely work of art or piece of jewelry.

Q. What’s the best part of working with family?

Christina: We know each others personalities well. If we have a disagreement, it doesn’t last long. We’re all very forgiving. Because we’re family, we know each others strengths and how each of us compliments the business.

Q. Share with our readers an Attenson family holiday tradition.

Christina: Every year on Christmas day, we get together at Dad’s house for our traditional family rib roast dinner. Also, I make my Mom’s Chicken Divan recipe for Christmas Eve dinner. It’s something she always made for the family and I like carrying on that tradition.

Q. Are you running any special holiday promotions?

A. Everything in the store is 20% off the regular price. We also have some permanent markdowns that are up to 50% off”


Thanks to the Attenson family for taking the time to share with us. Attenson’s is also a participating in the Coventry Village Holiday Window Contest that ends next week. Take a minute to check out the windows and vote for your favorite!

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