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Coventry Customer Spotlight: Meet Catherine Butler – Loyal Customer of City Buddha

 Coventry Village is just 1/4 mile and home to over 40 independently owned businesses. This holiday season, we’re shining the spotlight on some of the loyal customers that shop, dine and enjoy Coventry Village.

They’ve shared with us why (and where) they shop small, favorite mom and pop spots, gift ideas, holiday traditions and fun ways to spend winter in northeast Ohio. Thanks to all that support Coventry Village. It’s customers like YOU that help us build a neighborhood!


Customer Spotlight: Catherine Butler

Occupation: Artist/Art Educator

Cleveland Heights Resident

Loyal customer of City Buddha


Q. The staff at City Buddha told us you’re one of their most loyal customers. How long have you been shopping there?

A. Since before it was on Coventry — pretty much since the beginning.

Q. Tell us why you love shopping at City Buddha?

A. There is always something new to discover like incense, clothes, jewelry, fun things for gifts and terrific cards for all occasions. City Buddha is unique because many of their products are hand-selected by the owners during their travels.

Q. Why is it important to shop and support local?

A. Local venues have more interesting merchandise than corporate chain stores. Buying local supports the people who live here. This keeps our community vibrant and strong. If people cannot make a living here, they will move somewhere else, and we will lose the things that enticed us to choose to live here in the first place.

Q. How do you personally benefit when you support local?

A. I find items that I cannot find anywhere else, and I get to know the people who run the businesses.

Q. Share a favorite find you purchased from City Buddha.

A. The purple pants I found at City Buddha that are slit all the way up but the fabric is overlapped making them a bit peek-a-boo. They are a definite favorite to wear with my orange faux patent leather boots.

Q. Any other Coventry Village spots you recommend?

A. Big Fun — fun stuff of all varieties. Tommy’s for delicious food. Mac’s Backs for books magazines, gifts and cards. The guys at Heights Hardware are friendly and helpful. Blush Boutique has fantastic clothes. Avalon Exchange. Eddy’s on Coventry— Melissa is the best! The Grog Shop – a great diverse music scene. Passport to Perufor clothes, gifts and curtains. American Apparel for basics. Phoenix for coffee, tea, gluten-free baked goods and open mics.

Q. Give a shout out to some of your favorite local places.

A. North Union Farmer’s Market on Shaker SquareLoganberry Books, Heights Arts, Fiddlehead Gallery, Appletree Books.

Q. What are your favorite things to do in Cleveland during the winter?

A. Same things as summer – play outside, see movies at Cleveland Cinematheque, hear live music at lots of great venues. Cleveland Public Theater always has entertaining holiday shows.

Q. What’s your favorite holiday tradition?

A. Pretending to be Santa and filling my family members Christmas stockings with fun, useful and delicious items.

Q. Help our readers with their holiday shopping. Suggest a unique holiday gift from City Buddha.

A. They have a lot of cool percussion instruments that make great stocking stuffers.


Thanks to Catherine for taking the time to share with us. 

Westside friends, be sure to check out the Holiday Pop-Up Shop located at 11512 Clifton Boulevard, hosted by Big Fun and featuring holiday gifts from City Buddha and Foundry Woodprints.


City Buddha

1807 Coventry Road

  Cleveland Heights, Ohio 44118


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Each weekday this holiday season, we’re introducing you loyal customers who the small businesses of Coventry Village. Wishing you and your family a wonderful holiday season.

Photo credit: Gabe Schaffer. Copyright: CVSID & Gabe Schaffer 2015.