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Coventry Village Customer Spotlight: Meet Claude Brewer — Loyal customer of Mac’s Backs-Books On Coventry

 Coventry Village is just 1/4 mile and home to over 40 independently owned businesses. This holiday season, we’re shining the spotlight on some of the loyal customers that shop, dine and enjoy Coventry Village.

They’ve shared with us why (and where) they shop small, favorite mom and pop spots, gift ideas, holiday traditions and fun ways to spend winter in northeast Ohio. Thanks to all that support Coventry Village. It’s customers like YOU that help us build a neighborhood!


Customer Spotlight: Claude Brewer

Occupation: Retired (Harshaw Chemical, Cleveland)

Cleveland Resident

Loyal customer of Mac’s Back-Books On Coventry


Q. We hear you’re a regular in the Mac’s Backs science fiction section. Tell us when you fell in love with sci fi.

A. I  was a jet engine mechanic, during Vietnam. One day, I was waiting on an engine change. They take a long time. While I was on the flight deck, I  found a copy of “The Hobbit.” I started reading it — it was incredible. I didn’t want to stop reading it but I had to leave. So, I  took the book (which I later returned to the exact spot.) From there, I was hooked. I NEEDED to read the rest of the trilogy — but the books weren’t available there. Instead of writing home, asking family to mail the books to me, I searched all over South East Asia. When I got to Taiwan, I learned there were no copyright laws there. So I gave a guy the name of the author and he got the books for me. The rest is history!

Q. What makes Mac’s Backs-Books unique?

A. The staff is the friendly and they will do what it takes to find the book you are looking for. They have the largest selection (I’ve seen) of science fiction in town. Plus, they have a great trade in program. 

Q. Can you share with us a personal Mac’s Backs experience?

A.  I met Suzanne DeGaetano (Mac’s Backs co-owner) at the Hessler Street Fair. I was telling her about the first book that I enjoyed as a kid. The book was “Just David” by Elenor H. Porter.  I found it in a stack of books the previous owners left in the attic of our house. That book really blew my mind. Suzanne asked me to stop by the store next time I visited Coventry. I did…and she had a copy of the book waiting for me. I’ve been going back ever since. I call it my own personal “Cheers”, they make me feel at home. They also keep a pair of my reading glasses at the register in case I leave the house without them!

Q. Why is it important for you to shop local?

A.  I like supporting small business owners. The personal service is always better than in the big stores.

Q. Any other spots on Coventry you enjoy?

A. I really don’t do a lot shopping, but when I do need a gift Coventry Village is my go to place! I like Big Fun, Passport to Peru and Sunshine Headquarters Too

Q. Give a shout out to your favorite spots in the Cleveland area.

A. I like hanging out in University Circle. I’ve really enjoyed the Euclid Beach Carousel at Western Reserve Historical Society.  I’m also a member of the Cleveland Museum of Art

Q. Tell us some of your top things to do in Cleveland during the winter?

A. Even though I can’t skate, the ice rink at Wade Oval is a lot fun. I’m also looking forward to Glow at the Cleveland Botanical Gardens.

Q. What’s your favorite holiday tradition?

A. Decorating the tree.  

Thanks to Claude for taking the time to share with us. 

Mac’s Backs-Books On Coventry is celebrating Small Business Saturday with a full day of fun. Tomorrow, Saturday, November 28th from 10 AM to 10 PM:  10% Off calendars and cards.  Wheel of fortune special deals. Take a “shelfie” for 10% off, raffle prizes, signed books, a special visit from Chef Doug Katz from 12p – 1p with Cleveland Independent Cookbooks and more! 

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Mac’s Backs-Books on Coventry

1820 Coventry Road

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Photo credit: Gabe Schaffer. Copyright: CVSID & Gabe Schaffer 2015.