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Coventry Customer Spotlight: Meet Nicole Zuzolo & Nick Shaffer, loyal customers of In The 216

Coventry Customer Spotlight: Meet Nicole Zuzolo & Nick Shaffer (In The 216)

 Coventry Village is just 1/4 mile and home to over 40 independently owned businesses. This holiday season, we’re shining the spotlight on some of the loyal customers that shop, dine and enjoy Coventry Village.

They’ve shared with us why (and where) they shop small, favorite mom and pop spots, gift ideas, holiday traditions and fun ways to spend winter in northeast Ohio. Thanks to all that support Coventry Village. It’s customers like YOU that help us build a neighborhood!


Customer Spotlight:

Nicole Zuzolo (Shaker Heights) & Nick Shaffer (Silver Lake)

Loyal customers of In The 216


Q. In The 216 is one of Coventy Village’s newest shops. When did you first discover the store? 

A. When the store first opened, last winter. (Jan. ’15) 

Q. Tell us why you love shopping at In the 216?

A. We love shopping at In The 216 because of the amazing products, including a lot that are Cleveland themed. The purchases make great gifts for others and are prefect as a treat for yourself too! The owners, Jenny Bendis Goe and Steve Goe are also fantastic. They are always very helpful and welcoming. No matter when we go into the store, we always seem to find something that ends up coming home with us

Q. What are some of your favorite finds?

Nicole: My favorite find definitely has to be the Cleveland Browns Leg Lamp t-shirt. It combines two of my favorite things: Cleveland sports and A Christmas Story! Photography is also a hobby of mine, so I also love the jewelry pieces that are made out of photograph negatives.

Nick: I would have to say that my favorite purchases are the different Chief Wahoo and Cleveland Browns t-shirts that I have found. Also, the bags of dog treats. My dogs love them!

Q. Why is it important to shop small?

A. It helps support the community. Also, the customer service is amazing and the products are so much more original and unique than anything you could find in chain or national stores.

Q. Give a shout out to some of your favorite independent businesses:

Nicole: In Coventry, I like to shop at Mac’s Backs-Books because I love to read.

Nick: I am a huge music fan, so I am always up for a show at the Grog Shop.

We both always have a good time shopping in Big Fun because it brings back memories of the toys that we had when growing up. We also frequent many local shops outside of Coventry too, including Something Different GalleryCLE Clothing Co., and Little Italy Wines. The local restaurants are also amazing! Some of our favorites are Deagan’s (Lakewood), Sokolowski’s (Tremont), and Marotta’s (Cedar-Lee).

Q. Help our readers with their holiday shopping. Suggest a gift from In The 216!

Nicole:  The Cleveland Browns Leg Lamp t-shirt.

Nick: Pulp Fiction art print. Also don’t forget to grab some dog treats or a collar scarf for your four legged friends who have been good this year!

Q. What are your favorite things to do in Cleveland during the winter?

A. Cleveland is just as fun in winter as any other time of the year. Some of our favorite things to do include going to the Cleveland Museum of Art, Cleveland Museum of Natural History,  A Christmas Story House, or just going to see a movie and getting dinner. Also the Metroparks are beautiful in winter too, so its always fun bundling up and going for a hike!

Q. What’s your favorite holiday tradition?

Nicole: Watching Christmas movies while eating my mom’s chocolate pie!

Nick: I would have to add eating my grandmother’s Christmas cookies as well!

We both agree that the best holiday tradition is getting to spend extra time with family and friends.


Thanks to Nicole and Nick for taking the time to share with us. 

This Saturday — In The 216 will be one of the over 70 vendors participating in the Cleveland Bazaar on Coventry from 10 AM to 8 PM. Shop two walkable locations, 1854 Coventry Road (Right above In the 216) and the Grog Shop. 

bazaar cover image


In The 216

1854 Coventry Road

  Cleveland Heights, Ohio 44118


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Each weekday this holiday season, we’re introducing you loyal customers who the small businesses of Coventry Village. Wishing you and your family a wonderful holiday season.

Photo credit: Gabe Schaffer. Copyright: CVSID & Gabe Schaffer 2015.