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Coventry Customer Spotlight: Meet Scott Heisel, loyal Grog Shop fan

 Coventry Village is just 1/4 mile and home to over 40 independently owned businesses. This holiday season, we’re shining the spotlight on some of the loyal customers that shop, dine and enjoy Coventry Village.

They’ve shared with us why (and where) they shop small, favorite mom and pop spots, gift ideas, holiday traditions and fun ways to spend winter in northeast Ohio. Thanks to all that support Coventry Village. It’s customers like YOU that help us build a neighborhood!

 Customer Spotlight: Scott Heisel

Occupation: Editor In Chief, Substream Magazine

Cleveland Resident

Loyal customer of the Grog Shop


Q. Tell us why you love the Grog Shop and what makes it a unique venue.

A. It’s intimate, the staff is friendly and welcoming, and when you’re in the middle of a sold-out crowd going nuts for the musicians onstage, there’s no better place in the world to be.

I’ve been going to see live music since 1997 and have seen thousands of shows in hundreds of venues, but the Grog always feels like home to me. It was the second venue I went to after I moved to Cleveland in 2004 and I quickly found myself there 3-5 nights a week experiencing all sorts of amazing musicians.

I’ve met some of my best friends inside the Grog Shop, I’ve seen some of my favorite bands inside the Grog Shop — my wife and I even shot our engagement photos inside the Grog Shop!

Q. Over the past 11 years, you’ve attended hundreds of concerts there. Can you share with us a few memorable performances?

A. With pleasure! My favorite Grog show for each of the past 11 years:
2004: The Blood Brothers
2005: Minus The Bear
2006: Lifetime
2007: Patton Oswalt
2008: The Gaslight Anthem
2009: Brand New
2010: Circa Survive
2011: Bomb The Music Industry! (twice in two months)
2012: Braid
2013: Blake Schwarzenbach
2014: MIchael Ian Black
2015: Alkaline Trio (four nights in a row)

Q. Besides the Grog, do you have any other Coventry Village favorites?

A. I always tell bands to hit up Big Fun for an awesome shopping experience, there’s always something unique to find there. Eddy’s Barber Shop gives a very sharp haircut, too! While I’m personally not a coffee drinker, my wife swears by Phoenix.

Q. In your opinion, how does supporting small impact the community?

A. Everything starts locally — music, art, food, commerce. When we all support each other at our smallest, we all benefit and grow together.

Q. Give a shout out to a few of your favorite independent shops and restaurants.

A. I get my music from My Minds Eye Records, my comics from Carol & John’s, my meat from D.W. Whitaker (West Side Market), my produce from Basketeria (West Side Market), my tacos from Barrio, my burgers from Beer Engine, my wings from the Winking Lizard and my sweets from Colossal Cupcakes.

Q. Why is supporting local important to you?

A. I know I’m helping bolster the local economy, which strengthens neighborhoods and helps protect culture. Plus, in some situations, I’m able to make less of an impact on the environment: For example, in addition to being the editor in chief of Substream Magazine, I run a small record label called Youth Conspiracy Records and I press my vinyl locally at Gotta Groove, which allows me to minimize my carbon footprint by avoiding having to ship hundreds of LPs across the country.

Q. What’s your favorite winter activity in Cleveland?

A. Go on a hike through the Cleveland Metroparks! My wife and I love taking our dog out in the snow and blazing a trail or two.

Q. The Grog Shop calendar is packed with a ton of great concerts and special events. Which events in December and January would you most recommend to our readers?

Sadly I will be traveling for the holidays so I’m going to miss Cloud Nothings at Grog on December 28 and Signals Midwest (part of the Grog’s annual “Free Weekend”) on January 1. I am looking forward to seeing Hari Kondabolu on January 14!

Q. What’s your favorite holiday tradition?

Spending time with loved ones, playing board games and eating cookies till the point of exhaustion.


Thanks to Scott Heisel for taking the time to share with us. 

Have a music lover on your holiday shopping list? A Grog Shop gift card makes a fantastic present! Head over to their website for a full list of upcoming concerts, comedy and special performances!

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Photo credit: Gabe Schaffer. Copyright: CVSID & Gabe Schaffer 2015.