Today is a good day to visit Coventry Village.

About Coventry Village

Once known as the place to find Cleveland hippies, Coventry now provides a mix of eclectic eateries and shops catering to young and old alike. Art supplies, vintage toys and vegetarian food are offered alongside books, Birkenstocks, coffee shops, restaurants and live music.

A Place for Everyone:


The diversity of the neighborhood brings purple-haired punk rockers into contact with elderly Russian immigrants, yuppie families, students from nearby Case Western Reserve University and John Carroll University and hippie throwbacks. The community thrives on this diversity and the business district offers a view into the makeup of distinct people of the area.

It’s a Neighborhood:

Come in the morning and it’s quiet. People are walking dogs, grabbing a cup of coffee or a home-cooked breakfast. Or, they’re doing their chores, meeting with the experts at the hardware store, chatting with the regulars at the dry cleaners or stopping by the bank.

It’s a Small Town:

Visit in the afternoon and it’s coming alive. Restauranteurs are serving everything from thick milkshakes and vegetarian specialties to Mexican, Indian and Asian cuisine. All are demonstrating their culinary skills. Shops with imported goods, unique cards and posters and retro “finds” are welcoming regulars and newcomers.

It’s a Destination:

By evening it’s a place for dinner and entertainment. People watchers delight as students, artists, musicians and locals mingle, filling restaurants, nightclubs and bars with the sounds of the night.

Some days Coventry feels like Main Street U.S.A. Other days it’s a college town. Sometimes it feels like a destination for a school field trip. Other days it feels like a place to hang out with your family and friends. Everyday it’s a unique experience.