Today is a good day to visit Coventry Village.

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Tweeps, welcome to the Coventry Village Web site!

Once known as the place to find Cleveland hippies, Coventry now provides a mix of eclectic eateries and shops catering to young and old alike. Art supplies, vintage toys and vegetarian food are offered alongside books, Birkenstocks, coffee shops, restaurants and live music.

Currently you can explore our site to learn more about our neighborhood, but over time we’ll be adding more information, for instance we recently added pages for the individual merchants on the street, but we plan on adding more details as we go. We’re also recruiting bloggers from the neighborhood to give us the inside scoop on their stores, their unique talents and other news from the street.

Our Twitter plans

We’ll be using Twitter to post the usual blog updates and news, but we also want to use this account to interact with fellow Clevelanders and to champion greater Cleveland initiatives related to arts, culture, economic development, the buy-local movement and related topics.

Our Twitter following policy

Our account is new and we’re taking a slow-growth approach to building our following. To start we’re following Cleveland based Tweeps who may have an interest in our content. As people discover our account we’ll follow back those who seem to have a genuine interest, but will probably not follow those who are spammers or who seem to be using auto-following services just to build numbers. We want to connect with anyone interested in Coventry but we also want to keep things manageable. If you’re reading this page, you’re probably someone we’ll follow back.

Related Tweeps

We’re currently putting together a Twitter list of all the Coventry merchants with Twitter accounts. You may wish to follow the Coventry Merchants list for more Coventry related news. If you run a Coventry related Twitter account and aren’t on the list, please send your username to @coventryvillage and well add you to the list.

Who is the Tweep behind the Tweets?

I’m Heidi Cool, a Cleveland Heights Web designer and Internet strategist. I also tweet regularly as @hacool. I built this Web site and will be working with various folks from Coventry to find the latest news. In time others may contribute Tweets as well.

Thank you for your interest in Coventry!

P.S. We’re also on Facebook

Please feel free to share your Coventry experiences with us on the Coventry Village Facebook page.