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Frankenstein @ Ensemble Theatre


Thursday | 7:00 PM–10:00 PM | Event Occurs Daily


adapted from the Mary Shelly Novel 
by Oakley Hall III 
(Special Main stage Run) 
Directed by Ian Wolfgang Hinz 
In the famous novel, Victor Frankenstein is a young scientist who, believing he has found the secret to creating life, builds and animates a monstrous creature. However, upon seeing it alive, Frankenstein is repulsed by his creation and abandons it. But Frankenstein’s monster survives on its own and educates himself, soon learning that due to his monstrous appearance, he will never integrate himself into human society. He vows to take his revenge on Doctor Frankenstein, both for abandoning him and for thrusting this miserable, monstrous life upon him in the first place. The play, while not a “horror” show, embraces the darkness and violence of the original tale, combining it with exalted language to create a grim but faithful adaptation. 


2843 Washington Blvd | Cleveland Heights