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Author Robert Miltner at Mac’s Backs


Thursday | 7:00 PM


Robert Miltner, author of And Your Bird Can Sing (Bottom Dog 2014) and Molly Fuller, author of All My Loves (All Nations Press 2014) will read at Mac's on Thursday, May 22nd at 7 p.m. Poet and teacher Robert Miltner has published his first collection of fictions. Known for his prose poems, these short stories borrow the brevity of poetry to portray a range of characters. Author Richard Hague said: "Like the magician in one of his stories, Robert Miltner makes things appear and disappear, amusing and unsettling us at once. These are provocative narratives of working people with all the punch of wit and all the lyricism of poetry... If you're looking for plot twists and engaging ambiguity, here they are. If you're looking for open endings, characters you may live next door to, or may have had a drink with, or an affair with, or may have heard tell of, here they are. If you're looking for poignant and wry situations cast as sudden fictions and prose poems, you'll want to read And Your Bird Can Sing." Robert is also the author of several poetry collections including Eurydice Rising (2014), Imperative (2013) and Hotel Utopia (2011). Molly Fuller is the author of two chapbooks, The Neighborhood Psycho Dreams of Love and Tender the Body. Her third chapbook, All My Loves, is forthcoming from All Nations Press. Other work has appeared or is forthcoming in Hot Metal Bridge, Crack the Spine, Potomac, Calliope and elsewhere. She divides her time between Ohio and West Virginia.


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