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Frankenstein @ Ensemble Theatre


Sunday | 2:00 PM


ENSEMBLE THEATRE is celebrating Halloween with their critically acclaimed production of....FRANKENSTEIN.

This weekend only --- Thurs. Oct.30-Sun. November 2nd. Special Costume Party on HALLOWEEN! Treats and things!

$15 General Admission to Frankenstein. MainStage Theatre.  Call 216.202.0938 or email with any questions. Tickets: Performance times: Thurs - Saturday @ 8 PM / Sunday: 2 PM Oakley Hall III, who was a rising star in the theater world in the 70s until he fell from a bridge and suffered traumatic brain injuries. The accident subsequently changed the course of his life and career—and, in a strange twist, brings his own life in parallel with one of literatures most well-known protagonists, Victor Frankenstein. In the famous novel, Victor Frankenstein is a young scientist who, believing he has found the secret to creating life, builds and animates a monstrous creature. However, upon seeing it alive, Frankenstein is repulsed by his creation and abandons it...

"In his program notes, director Ian Wolfgang Hinz writes that he hopes Ensemble Theatre’s stage adaptation of Mary Shelley’s “Frankenstein" becomes an annual Halloween event. I couldn’t agree more." - Andrea Simakis (Cleveland Plain Dealer.)


2843 Washington Blvd | Cleveland Heights