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Music and Movies


Thursday | 7:30 PM–11:00 PM


Music 7:30-9:00pm - Eve-n-Stepen Movies 9:00- 11:00pm - The Bad News Bears  About Eve-n-Stephen The seed was planted at a small arts camp in the Berkshire Mountains where teenage Evie studied modern dance with Woody Guthrie's wife and formed The Beavers (based on the Weavers) with fellow camper Arlo Guthrie. After careers as a musician, musical director and teacher, Evie decided she was going to fulfill a lifelong dream to perform and sing the kind of music that was nearest and dearest to her heart - folk music. A solo open mic performance at The Barking Spider followed and shortly thereafter, her husband Stephen, a professional chef and classically trained musician, joined her performing Roots/Americana music.They believe music heals and that people singing together is potentially transformative. Their hero is Pete Seeger who has inspired them to articulate their social and political feelings, carrying on his tradition of teaching history through music and teaching people how to sing and be in community together. " About Bad News Bears A major surprise as one of 1976's top grossing films. THE BAD NEWS BEARS is a movie about children that is refreshing, utterly believable, and quite cleverly funny. Walter Matthau is at his absolute best as the grumbling beer-guzzling former minor-league pitcher who gets roped into coaching a band of half-pint misfits somewhat loosely called a team.


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