Today is a good day to visit Coventry Village.

Rust Belt Chic @ Mac’s Backs


Wednesday | 7:00 PM–8:30 PM


Several contributors to the new Cleveland anthology Rust Belt Chic will read at Mac's on Wednesday, October 24th at 7 p.m. Rust Belt Chic: The Cleveland Anthology, edited by Richey Piiparinan and Anne Trubek, provides an inside-out snapshot of the city, containing contributions by established authors and newcomers alike. Rust Belt Chic tells stories about failure (mills closing), conflict (Pekar’s constant grousing), growth (a thriving Iraqi immigrant community) and renewal (moving away only to, finally, return home). Put together, these stories create a new narrative about Cleveland that incorporates but deepens and widens the familiar tropes of manufacturing, stadiums and comebacks. Eric Anderson (Pretty Things to Hang on the Wall), Laura Putre (The Tiny Record Empire in Cleveland) and Erick Trickey (Harvey Pekar's Nagging Muse) will read from their work included in the book.


1820 Coventry Road | Cleveland Heights