Today is a good day to visit Coventry Village.

The Smith & Wendy Shaffer @ Mac’s


Saturday | 7:00 PM–8:00 PM



 Wendy Shaffer, Kathy Smith and Steven B. Smith will read at Mac's on Saturday, September 29th at 7 p.m.
Wendy Shaffer will read from her book 22 Years, a collection of (yes) 22 years of work. Poet Terry Provost says " love, humor and honest from an adroit practitioner of the language who has lived her compassion where others have merely contemplated it. wendy shaffer's poems, like so little else in our society, always make me feel more human." Check out Wendy's website and blog House of Cats at Counterculture artist and poet Steven B. Smith and his co-author wife Kathy (Lady) will read from their new book Stations of the Lost & Found which chronicles Smith's adventures and misadventures. Born in Bitterroot, raised on Paradise Prairie, Norman Rockwell farm boy Smith got into the Naval Academy only to be expelled for dope--next stop armed robbery. Subsequent massive refindings of reality led him to Cleveland's underground scene and the pathway to redemption.


1820 Coventry Road | Cleveland Heights