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Thursday | 12:00 AM–11:59 PM


Man Man / Xenia Rubinos / Stems
Thu, Jan 23 | 8:30 PM (7:30 Door) $14 / All ages

Man Man -Philadelphia PA  |  Alternative

And from the heavens fell five shapes, loud and heavy and jumbled, and from these rough forms were shaped and sculpted the first firsts: Honus Honus (the High-August-First-Voice), Sergei Sogay (the Divine-Center-of-Four-Strings), Pow Pow (the August-Beat-Divinity), Critter Crat (the Divine-Twang-and-Everything-Else) and Chang Wang (the Other-Twang-and-Wondrous-Everything-Else). Today... In their lost divinity, Man Man took up residence in Philadelphia, perhaps because of the Sweet Philly sound, Noam Chomsky, the water Sun Ra was drinking, Charles Barkley's elbows, the excellence of the Philly lacrosse team or Rocky or Betsy Ross or John Coltrane. Or maybe it was it's close proximity to south Jersey.  

Xenia Rubinos - Brooklyn NY  |  Pop, Alternative

Magic Trix by Brooklynite Xenia Rubinos might cause an initial reaction like you are being tasered (bro). There is little to compare to the sharp, thick spine of a keyboard sound that shoots at you from the very first moments. Surprisingly, the record’s aggressive sound is achieved without the use of guitars. Xenia, together with drummer/sound magician Marco Buccelli, create a dozen aggressively danceable songs. An oblique assemblage of uncommon rhythms, powerhouse vocals and dance-til-you-puke energy combine to make Magic Trix one of the most exciting debut albums in years.

Stems - Akron OH  |  Alternative

Stems include, Justin Seeker-GTR,VOX(the company picnic, octolope), Josh Weiss-DRUMS, VOX(octolope), Charlie Collins-GTR, and Mike Voris-BASS.


2785 Euclid Heights Blvd | Cleveland Heights