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Sunday | 12:00 AM–11:59 PM


Big Dummy Xela / Madej Band / James Douglas - FREE
Sun, Jan 26 | 9:00 PM (8:00 Door) Free / All ages

James Douglas -Columbus OH  |  Americana

James Douglas has been spelunking the darkened caves of your soul since 1994

Xe La -Cleveland OH  |  Singer-Songwriter

Cleveland songster & artgeek and lead singer of Listen Little Man, a art-rock quartet from under the overcast skies of Kent, Ohio, formed early 2011, when Jeff Hennies (guitar/pedal synths) teamed up with Patrick Hawkins (percussion) and Andrew Bonnis (bass) to compose music that challenged them artistically while remaining accessible to their audience. While laying the foundation for what would become their first album, long time friend Xe La (vox) added vocals, breathing a fresh life into the the psychedelic progressive sounds being created. Within weeks they took the material to JUST A DREAM recording studio in Akron, tracking 8 songs for their debut record LISTEN,LITTLE MAN.

Alan Madej -Cleveland OH  |  Folk

Ohio Folk musician


2785 Euclid Heights Blvd | Cleveland Heights