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Vendetta: Bobby Kennedy Versus Jimmy Hoffa @ Mac’s Backs


Saturday | 7:00 PM–8:00 PM


Journalist James Neff, author of Vendetta: Bobby Kennedy Versus Jimmy Hoffa, will sign books at Mac's on Saturday, January 30th at 7 p.m. From 1957 to 1964, Robert Kennedy and Jimmy Hoffa channeled nearly all of their considerable powers into destroying each other. Kennedy's battle with Hoffa burst into the public consciousness with the 1957 Senate Rackets Committee hearings and intensified when his brother named him attorney general in 1961. RFK put together a "Get Hoffa" squad within the Justice Department, devoted to destroying one man. But Hoffa, with nearly unlimited Teamster funds, was not about to roll over. Drawing upon a treasure trove of previously secret and undisclosed documents, James Neff has crafted a brilliant, heart-pounding epic of crime and punishment, a saga of venom and relentlessness and two men willing to do anything to demolish each other."If you think you know it all, you don't. James Neff has turned Bobby Kennedy's headline-making clash with Jimmy Hoffa into a psychological thriller about two tough, powerful and vengeful men who fought with all they had, exhausting both. This is not a book about a good bobby versus a bad hoffa. It is a study of two men who always got what they wanted staging a shootout on the streets of Laredo. And, as Neff tells it, there were no winners." ---Seymour Hersh James Neff is an investigative reporter and an editor at The Seattle Times. He is also the author of The Wrong Man: The Verdict on the Dr. Sam Sheppard Murder Case, Unfinished Murder: The Capture of a Serial Rapist and Mobbed Up.


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